Electrical Services

electrical_plans.jpgAs a single-source provider of reliable, high-quality electrical services, Dynalectric delivers the complete installation and maintenance capabilities required to meet a wide range of construction, renovation, and retrofit requirements. 

We can also help you evaluate, select, install, and maintain a variety of alternative energy solutions, including co-generation plants, "green" buildings, and other state-of-the-art options that increase energy efficiency while controlling energy costs.

Using fully computerized project management tools, we ensure your job runs smoothly, individual tasks are completed on time, and work is performed with uncompromising quality and rigorous cost management.

Our electrical services include:
  • AC/DC power systems
  • Infrared imaging and analysis
  • Alternative power solutions
  • Life safety equipment and device installation
  • Complete electrical distribution systems
  • Motor control and variable speed drive systems
  • Customized maintenance programs          
  • Primary and standby power generation
  • Electrical lighting systems
  • Process and test facilities
  • Emergency power generators
  • UPS systems        
  • Raceway and conductor overhead and underground installation
  • Fire alarm systems   
  • Site utilities
  • Grounding systems  
  • 24/7/365 emergency service