Cabling Design

cabling.jpgNew technologies make communicating faster and easier — but they rely on the cables and hardware that connect them, placing a strain on the cable plant.

To complicate matters, local and national standards, requirements, and codes require meticulous designs, specifications, and attention to detail for all cabling projects.

Unless you have an expert in charge, your system's budget, capability, and practicalities can all be compromised by faulty or uninformed work.

The technology engineers at Dynalectric recognize the importance of proper structured cabling systems. Our professional staff of RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) specializes in creating standards-compliant designs for virtually every type of structured cabling need.

Seasoned project managers are assigned to provide timely completion of each project by monitoring installation and quality of work, as well as coordinating manpower and organizing resources.

Interoperability and smart building designs can be valuable assets, but they require integrated structured cabling solutions to enhance the delivery of building information. We are able to offer comprehensive cabling design for data, voice, video, and wireless communications cable plants, including twisted pair, fiber optic, and coaxial systems.

Cabling design projects:

  • LAN, WAN, SAN Wiring Designs
  • Entrance Facilities
  • Pathway Design
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Telephony Services
  • VolP Analysis
  • UPS & Emergency Systems
  • Fire Protection & Suppression
  • Security Provisioning
  • Testing
  • Riser Management
  • Specification Development

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